Today was tough for so many reasons I can’t even put into words quite yet… It was one of those days I know I will look back on a year from now and think “Wow I really can’t believe that happened”. I watched the #HandInHand event this evening and it really helped me put things back into perspective. It is so crazy how many things we take for granted. I can’t imagine losing my home and all of my personal belongings. Watching people come together and help others has been so inspiring during all of this devastation. These hurricanes have done so much damage and it is devastating to see all of the aftermath and hear the stories of how families have been torn apart or even lost their life. Natural disasters seem to be getting more bizarre as the years go by and effecting so many in such horrific ways. My heart goes out to all those effected by these tough times and especially to those that are getting up and making a difference. No matter how bad things get , there is always somebody out there who has it worse than you. I think it is important to take time out to appreciate what you have even if it doesn’t seem like much. I will definitely be taking a step back to reevaluate some things and keeping all of those dealing with these tough times in my heart and prayers.


My Fur Babies

Today is officially the third birthday of two of my very own fur babies. I have always had a love for animals and can’t imagine not having pets. I have had some kind of pet ever since I can remember and always held each of them near an dear to my heart. At the moment, I have Kosmo, Duke, Benjamin, and Daisy. Kosmo was named after my favorite character from Seinfeld and I changed his name to start with  a “K” instead of “C” because of the sorority I’m in. Benjamin and Duke are brothers and my September 11th babies. Benjamin or Benji for short was named after Benjamin Franklin whose face I love to see on crisp one hundred dollar bill. I didn’t name his brother Duke, but I’m pretty sure he’s named after the golden retriever from the baked beans commercial because the guy who named him isn’t the best at coming up with names. Daisy was named after my favorite Marc Jacobs perfume and her sister (who doesn’t belong to me) is named Lady. I feel attached to each of these dogs and love each of them for different reasons. Dogs really do have personalities of their own and it has been amazing to see each of them grow from little puppies into adults. Dogs are so loyal and the excitement they have to see you everyday is unmatched. I love my fur babies and truly consider them to be family. People that don’t have pets can be so critical of those that do and I always find it so amusing. When people ask me if I have kids, I always answer yes then proceed to show them pictures of my dogs. They are my children and I feel extremely protective of each of them. I am constantly battling my puppy fever and want to keep every dog I come across. I always joke with Auntie about starting a puppy farm and raising German Shepherds on our land and one of these days I just might do it. I have a fur baby staring at me as I type this, so time to take him for a walk.


Antisocial Social Club

More than ever before, I feel like the featured image applies to me. Growing up, I can’t even remember all the activities I have been involved in throughout the years. I reflect back on those days now and know that I needed to stay so busy because my attention span is very short. I get bored quickly and hate feeling like I’m wasting my time. Unlike most people, I think resting is a very good way to spend your time so I never count sleeping as a waste. I think because I have so much going on it is perceived as being extremely social. I love being around people close to me but, I find it very hard to allow new people to come into my life. That is what I mean when I say I’m selectively social. I like meeting new people, especially subscribers who are so sweet and supportive, but I still find it a little alarming sometimes. I think when you put pieces of your life on social media there is always this negative connotation that comes with it by default. People perceive you to be one way or remain a certain way because of what they see on the internet. I completely understand the concept but I don’t agree with it. I am not always this happy go lucky person with a great aspect on life. I have really bad days all the time. I obviously don’t usually discuss the bad as much because I’m in no mood to be social during those times or talk to anybody really. There are very few people that see that side of me outside of family and close friends but it definitely happens. Things that go on in the world upset me all the time but, I have learned to be frustrated with the situation, not the person. I constantly force myself to go out of my comfort zone and be social with strangers and it is still a challenge sometimes. Social media has definitely helped me with that because I get to do my own thing, on my own time, share it, and interact with so many amazing people when I’m ready to. I think it comes as a surprise to people that I’m selectively social but now you know. I believe every person you come into contact with deserves a certain level of respect regardless, and even though it seems to be a lost cause with some I do believe in being hospitable to a certain extent. Karma is definitely real! I believe in giving the same effort I receive from others, and if a problem arises, I just remove myself from the situation and go on with my life. Being selectively social makes my life a lot less stressful ,and the Scorpio in me knows that this is the best way to be.


Football Season Is Here

I tried to sit here and really think about the last time I went to a football game and I can’t for the life of me remember. Today that changes. I have officially been convinced to go to one of my old alumni games and I am actually excited about it. Football is one one of those American traditions that has always been so commercialized and I never really participated in the hype of the professional games. I don’t have a favorite team, but by default, I cheer for the Saints because of where I live. I haven’t watched a professional game not once this season, but I always tune in for the Superbowl each year. When I was younger, I liked it more because of the activities I was apart of in high school and college but still didn’t care about the sport too much. Tailgating is hands down my favorite part of going to a game because….. food! It has really cooled down today and it feels like perfect football weather. I’m about to see if I can dig out some of my old college stuff and get ready for this game.


Shine Bright Like A Diamond

The Fenty beauty products officially released today and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t cop some of her amazing products. I watched her launch party via live stream yesterday and loved seeing her explain the products. I have always been one of those girls who shied away from makeup for the simple fact that I procrastinate. Instead of getting up early to get ready and maybe take time out to apply a little makeup, I’m scrambling to get dressed and double check I haven’t forgotten anything before I run out the door. It’s a bad habit and it has taken me so long to break it. I absolutely love her highlighters! I went ahead and splurged on those and a few other things because, in my head, all my coins are definitely worth spending on food and the people I care about. Rihanna is one of those people I care about. On the live stream, I recognized a few Youtubers and words can not describe how jealous I am of them. Imagine, filming vlogs that are so amazing it earns you a spot to an A-List celebrity launch of one of the most influential icons in todays society. That is incredible. It is definitely inspiring to see real people at these events and I’m ready to watch the reviews on the products. The display in Sephora was beautiful, and I like the packaging she designed for the line. I am no makeup guru, but I know that launching forty foundation shades for such a broad variety of skin tones and undertones is amazing. I have already started playing with the products today and I love them all so far. Makeup is suppose to be this fun thing to play with that ultimately can enhance and transform you. I’m always late to the party so it’s no surprise it took me this long to get on board, but for Rihanna….it’s only right. Time to spruce up my “Fenty Face” and enjoy this weekend.


Wake Me Up When September Ends

The weather has only been cooler than normal for two days now and I am already in Christmas mode. I know it’s only September, and the week is barely over, but I have to admit, I am definitely ready to pull the fall attire out. Pumpkin spice is taking over all the shelves at the store and Halloween decor is everywhere which means it’s time. I feel like holidays are always a legitimate excuse to decorate, celebrate, and eat all sorts of amazing things. I personally don’t think you need the excuse of a holiday to celebrate, but they do make for great themed parties. Football season is here which means tailgating is upon us. September is here which means all of the new seasons and movies are coming out in full force. Today is my Meme’s birthday and she was the first person that introduced me to Starbucks. I’ll have to let her know that the pumpkin spice frappuccino is officially back, although knowing her, she probably is way ahead of me. I know it’s a little early but who doesn’t love when the seasons change. Goodbye summer! Hello Fall.


American Horror Story

The new season of American Horror Story begins tonight and I am so ready! I have always had a love for weird science fiction, psychological thrillers, and horror movies because I am an adrenaline junkie deep down. The horror genre in films tend to go against the grain and I find them more aesthetically pleasing from the videography perspective. I know it seems really technical, but especially with being a Youtuber I don’t watch films the way I feel most people do. I love a good plot especially a crazy unexpected twist however, it runs so much deeper than that for me. I think about what is going on behind the scenes and what it took to get that final product produced. Watching the angles they shoot from, the set design, costumes, how the actresses and actors play their roles, and what the plot turn into is all important to me. I love it so much and it takes a creative mind to think outside of the box and come up with this stuff. My favorite part of American Horror Story is how they recreate each cast member that has a role in the upcoming season. It never ceases to amaze me how they shift into character and become this completely different person each time. I get so attached to the characters in shows and play out what I would do if put in their situation. Asylum an Coven have been my favorites so far however, I think Cult just might be up there.  Since 2011 I have watched them play out and each season has been surprising in its own way so I am ready to see what is in store tonight!


The First Of The Month

The first of the month has always seemed like the perfect day to start everything over. If you are beginning a new diet, goal, habit, or just planning to do something that you normally wouldn’t… The first day of a month feels like a great day to start fresh. I definitely feel like today I started over and am back at square one. August ended on a negative note and I need September to be better. Today when I woke up I decided to give myself a fresh slate since it’s the first and today is a good day as any to start back writing (or in this case typing).

I was raised to be the bigger person and focus on the positive in a situation. This summer was definitely a reality check and has made me realize sometimes it’s better to focus on what is actually right in front of me and to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt. Trying to be positive every day and always find the good is a constant struggle and I have finally leaned that some days the negative will win. There is nothing wrong with having a bad day, month, or even year as long as it does not consume or define you. Bad days make you appreciate the good even more if you stop and really think about it. I don’t normally rush the summer away because I love me some hot weather, but fall seems much more promising. My heart goes out to everyone that was effected by Hurricane Harvey and even though I have spent my entire life in the south and should be use to all of this crazy weather that kind of devastation is still so traumatic to witness. Taking things one day at a time and hoping this month will be better.



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