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  • 06 – 03 – 2020

    I have been having even more lengthy, deep conversations with my favorite people and it is definitely one of the things I have loved the most about the pandemic! Due to the nature of my job, small talk comes with the job description but it is one of my least favorite things to do. I…

  • 06 – 02 – 2020

    #BlackLivesMatter #PULLUP #BlackoutTuesday ✊🏾😎 Today officially marks my 50th post an I encourage everyone to checkout these hashtags an PULL TF up like Robyn told us to!! Celebrating with some wine and staying off social media more an more and focusing on the good today. XOXO – ASH

  • 05 – 29/30/31/1 – 2020

    Watching the riots the last few days has grown even more difficult. For every peaceful protest out there, it seems as if there are twice as many instances of violence and appalling things popping up. There are people that are encouraging violence and those encouraging peace. There are those that would have been like Malcom…

  • 05 – 28 – 2020

    I have started watching “Dynasty” on Netflix and I am so amused…. I absolutely loved Gossip Girl as a high schooler and this is the next best thing with how I feel! I have been on the phone off and on with my family all day and it has been so crazy talking about everything…

  • 05 – 24/25/26/27 – 2020

    I haven’t posted in the last 4 days and it has been blissful because anytime I give myself some space from socializing it always brings me more clarity. The world is going nuts right now and it is appauling to see day by day. The George Floyd murder is heavy on my heart and it’s…

  • 05 – 23 – 2020

    eat. sleep. relax.

  • 05 – 22 – 2020

    I just wanna start off by saying that today will forever be a day that I look back and laugh on… I have first-degree burns on my right hand, so I am having to use the audio record feature on my cell phone to put this blog post up. The determination is definitely real right…

  • 05 – 20/21 -2020

    I started my workout journey on 05-20-20 and even though it’s only day 2… I am so sore it’s no joke! Starting off high intensity training, but not warming my body up correctly, was the harsh reality check I needed to get back on it heavy. As crazy as it sounds, when I ran track…

  • 05 – 16/17/18/19 – 2020

    There is something about pushing yourself to a new level that is nerve wracking and amazing. I wanted to put up more content, and I have been doing just that despite all of the crazy Quarantine vibes. At this point it has become pure fun and my form of socializing. I know there are people…

  • 05 – 15 – 2020

    Finishing up Season 4 of Vikings, packing all my things to move again, and posting on my platforms is all that is on my agenda today. I wouldn’t say that I am stuck in a rut, but posting “Quarantine Content” has been a weird vibe. There are days where I want to focus on social…


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