05 – 29/30/31/1 – 2020

Watching the riots the last few days has grown even more difficult. For every peaceful protest out there, it seems as if there are twice as many instances of violence and appalling things popping up. There are people that are encouraging violence and those encouraging peace. There are those that would have been like Malcom X an those that would have been like Martin Luther King Jr. People are rioting, looting, and tearing America apart, and I can’t believe the way this is unfolding. I trusted my intuition an came to an island to get away from the madness an with the way things are headed… I am not leaving! The things I have seen on social media in the last 4 days, and the stories from people I know personally have solidified the things I feel deep down in my heart. This is a hot mess, and it has gotten so blurry as far as determining who is wrong or right and telling them how to express their pain at this point. 2020 has taken the cake for the plot twists I don’t think anybody saw coming. I feel like I am watching a movie for real because I cannot be there personally to add fuel to the fire or help put it out. The pandemic has forced me to stay neutral by default so I donated money for everything going on in Minnesota. When I finally do get back to the United States, I am not even sure that it will be a place I recognize anymore but I guess I will just have to wait an see….


05 – 28 – 2020

I have started watching “Dynasty” on Netflix and I am so amused…. I absolutely loved Gossip Girl as a high schooler and this is the next best thing with how I feel! I have been on the phone off and on with my family all day and it has been so crazy talking about everything that is going on. I am so upset about this entire George Lloyd situation an how people think that black people are “overreacting” with everything going on… I AM SICK & TIRED of black people being killed left an right and it not being taken to the level that it should be. I am frustrated, tired, upset, and embarrassed to be from America right now. How do you live with yourself killing people in broad daylight….? HOW?? Karma is so real, and it’s almost comical that people want “peaceful protests” right now… NOPE not me, I am completely over it because clearly “being nice” is NOT the answer!! The answer is no longer keeping the peace for me… the answer is doing exactly what I have seen which is keeping it equal! I am no longer “peaceful” I AM ANGRY!


05 – 24/25/26/27 – 2020

I haven’t posted in the last 4 days and it has been blissful because anytime I give myself some space from socializing it always brings me more clarity. The world is going nuts right now and it is appauling to see day by day. The George Floyd murder is heavy on my heart and it’s been a weird time to live through this terrible pandemic in such a peaceful place. Everyone I love is in America and I am in the middle of the ocean avoiding all the unnecessary drama as much as I can. I keep going back an forth between attempting to keep up with everything going in in my country, and avoiding hearing anything for awhile because of how saddening it is. People are showing their true colors in all of the chaos and it’s very interesting to observe from a distance. Now more than ever people should be more understanding an compassionate, and there are individuals who are letting their racism, sexism, and ignorant ways be known in very bold ways. I always keep mental notes on everything and everyone I come into contact with. Throughout my life, there have been an insane number of small details I forget in the moment but remember down the line. Through this pandemic, I have had lots of time to compartmentalize an dissect things on a new level and it has given me so much peace. The older I get, the more that is all I want. Focusing on being stable, healthy, peacefully, and taking care of the amazing individuals that I am so fortunate to surround myself is so important now more than ever. I know the media has been tough to watch with all the negativity, but my prayer is that anybody reading this speaks up and lives in their truth whatever that may be. Everybody has different perspectives and outlooks on life but peaceful people attract peaceful people, and in the last 2 months I have truly tapped into this new peaceful life that is full of prosperity and manifestation. Things always happen as they should, even if you don’t see the bigger picture in the moment, and the more I let go and let things be the more I see this. Wherever you are in the world, I want to send some good vibes and positivity your way and I hope and pray for y’all. Be Blessed.


05 – 22 – 2020

I just wanna start off by saying that today will forever be a day that I look back and laugh on… I have first-degree burns on my right hand, so I am having to use the audio record feature on my cell phone to put this blog post up. The determination is definitely real right now and I can’t believe how bad my hand still hurts 😩 but sticking it out. Today definitely goes on the books as far as random is concerned but I’ll start with my morning. I woke up and did my usual routine of making tea, meditating, straightening up a few things in my place then making breakfast. I got my first workout in for the day and came back to start on lunch. I have been seeing a trend of making simple recipes with five ingredients or less, so I thought I would give it a go. Chicken is always my go to meal to make in the oven because it’s so easy to do, but this is when this heated up….. if you will. 🔥✨

I am an American citizen that has been living in Barbados and adjusting to the island life the past 2.5 months. Gas stoves are not foreign to me, however, I’m used to electric an have had to adjust to making groceries here. I figured out how to use the eyes of the stove properly thanks to Stefan an google, but the pilot light on the inside was a different story and I found that out the hard way today. I had turned the gas on and lit it with no problem but turned the knob too far an it clicked back off. I set a timer in order to remind me when the oven was done preheating because I had a movie on on Netflix. For whatever reason instead of realizing my mistake I went to light it again… keep in mind this meant that the gas was running for almost 20 minutes. The smell of onions was so strong in the kitchen an my eyes were watering so that plus having the window open make the smell of gas faint and I didn’t hear it hissing with my music playing. My ONLY saving grace actually was the fact I keep the window open where the kitchen is because it’s in a completely separate room closed off from the rest of the house and always hesitantly light it with a long lighter. The second the flame hit there was an explosion and the fire alarm started going off. I swear my reflexes are phenomenal from being a flight attendant because I jumped back so fast before anything could hit me.

All of the eyes came off and things I had on the counter went everywhere! After I let all the doors and windows open, so it would air out quickly, and cut the power, I stood there in shock for a second because my hand was hurting so bad and I was shaking. All the hair on my right hand to the middle of my arm was singed off so I took a cold shower to help with the pain. Cool water felt amazing running on it but lukewarm water felt like needles. Luckily, in Barbados, there is no short supply of aloe plants. They literally just grow on the side of the road in some places so I had some on deck and after soaking my hand in water in the sink applied that all over my hand, wrist, and arm. I took 2 ibuprofens, washed the aloe vera off, then curled in a ball and rubbed on my hand as much as the pain would allow. It’s been all day and it still hurts, but it’s not nearly as bad so I’ve been using my left hand as much as possible. I’ll wait till tomorrow to show the chicken recipe I almost lost a hand for, but to be fair, it actually turned out delicious so in the end I wasn’t as upset just happy to not have burned down the house and kept all my body parts in tact. Another day, another lesson learned and I will never make that mistake again!


05 – 20/21 -2020

I started my workout journey on 05-20-20 and even though it’s only day 2… I am so sore it’s no joke! Starting off high intensity training, but not warming my body up correctly, was the harsh reality check I needed to get back on it heavy. As crazy as it sounds, when I ran track in high school, I actually loved the feeling of pushing through a workout with sore muscles. There is something therapeutic about it to me because it hurts, but feels good at the same time. I feel like it’s my body’s way of telling me “I am upset with you for being so lazy Ashley so I am not going to make this easy for you”. I know that anything worth having is worth waiting for, and the results I want are drastic but achievable. You only get 1 body, and I think it is extremely important to take care of it to the best of your ability. Unlearning some of the bad habits I have and replacing them with good ones has been my ongoing mission during the pandemic. I think I was able to relocate to the perfect place to get away from any distractions and focus on what I needed to do moving forward. It is still springtime, but the hot girl summer of 2020 is quickly approaching and I need to be ready. I know having to do this but factor in social distancing and the quarantine life makes it a little more difficult, but nobody will be getting in the way of my goals this time around and I am always up for a new challenge. I think that my social media platforms are a bit over saturated with workout tips because I follow so many highly motivated individuals. I love logging into all of them and seeing what others are up to because it is usually the push I need to continue and not put it off like I would have in the past. Meal prepping, walking everywhere, and surrounding myself with nothing but constant reminders of what I want has been the boost I needed. I really hope that a month from today I will look back and smile knowing I finally stopped putting it off an starting putting in the work. All good things don’t come to those who wait they come to those that get out there and get it done! In 2020, I am done putting things on the back burner when it comes to my health and well being and finally GETTING IT DONE!


05 – 16/17/18/19 – 2020

There is something about pushing yourself to a new level that is nerve wracking and amazing. I wanted to put up more content, and I have been doing just that despite all of the crazy Quarantine vibes. At this point it has become pure fun and my form of socializing. I know there are people itching to get back outside, but I am not one of them. The concept of social distancing is something I totally agree with already so I hope people will keep it going. I love my personal space and time alone so this is ideal. Social media is such a great way to socialize to me, because it allows you to stay within your comfort zone. I have had too many instances where I have gone out and people abruptly entered my bubble unannounced and it was not welcomed. Personal space and consent is something that should be widely accepted, and working in a field where it is constantly interrupted can be draining. I know myself well enough to know what I will and won’t allow so ideally with the way things are going it is something I will continue to practice even after #Covid-19 is under control. The amount of TikToks, IG posts, tweets, and blog post will continue to rise an we figure out the new wave of technology and I am ready for this new chapter. I have started my new workout regimen and did my first aura cleanse so the blog got put on the back burner but y’all know I am never too far from my trust laptop. See you tomorrow but in the meantime checkout my Instagram for a few surprises!!


05 – 15 – 2020

Finishing up Season 4 of Vikings, packing all my things to move again, and posting on my platforms is all that is on my agenda today. I wouldn’t say that I am stuck in a rut, but posting “Quarantine Content” has been a weird vibe. There are days where I want to focus on social media and do nothing but create…. only to not want to get out of the bed at all the next day and scroll through Twitter. The lovely dilemma that is #coronavirus has allowed me so much time to think, breath, and clear my head for however long I need to. Making up an excuse to celebrate something no matter how insignificant it is has never been an issue for me so about to pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy my last day in Christchurch!


05 – 14 – 2020

I am attempting to use my blog as more of an online diary to document my day to day moods during #Covid-19 and so far so good. Venus is in retrograde and I know that history is literally being re molded right now but it is so crazy to be living through all of this because of the way I move around normally. I truly believe that my job is going to be completely re vamped after this virus but have no idea how. I have never been the type of person to put all of my eggs in one basket but this has definitely thrown me for a loop in an unexpected way…. The way social media is headed an figuring out all of these new algorithms has been interesting, but I do plan on sticking with my daily laptop club and taking this 1 day at a time. I have developed so many new skills and definitely want to come out appreciating and celebrating things more. I rambled on a little about financial freedoms so if you’re bored click the link below. I have opened up all of my social media platforms so check them out because the content I post on each varies. Y’all be blessed!

My Newest Video <– Click this link to go to my latest video or type in The Pretty Passenger on Youtube!


05 – 13 – 2020


I have been in Barbados for 2 months now and I am loving every second of it! Being in the Caribbean during COVID-19 has been a completely different experience than it would have been had I stayed in Louisiana or Texas, but I miss the gang dearly and wish I could have brought them all here. I haven’t had coffee, driven a vehicle, baked, bought anything on Amazon, or gone shopping for anything other than groceries an necessities this whole time and my bank account is rejoicing. Since it’s Pretty Wednesday I haven’t gotten up to much other than binging Vikings so I thought I would share a few iPhone picts. Even though I have been vlogging for years, I really don’t document my travels to the full extent because I get so caught up in enjoying the moment. With this pandemic readjusting my thought process as well as my creative process I want to get better about it since I have so much time to enjoy so much more. Quarantine content has been so interesting to document but this movie that is 2020 is one for the books.


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