06 – 08/09 – 2020

I have always believed in making an 11:11 wish an these days they seem to come true even faster than before! I use to always say that I got lucky, or that I know I’m stressing my guardian angel due to my crazy life. While both of these phrases are still constantly in my use, I think that it has been my actions that allowed things to work themselves out much more than I give myself credit for throughout the years. Words are so much more powerful than people realize, and I have stated taking what I say, how I say it, and the energy I put out into the world much more seriously. Speaking positive affirmations to yourself, as well as to those around you is important. There are several small bad habits I have had to unlearn during the last few months that I said so much out of habit, I didn’t even realize the damage I was unknowingly doing. Being more mindful of not only what I say, but how I say it and sticking to this new lifestyle of good vibes an good energy. Pep talks from my favorites have meant even more now, than before with everything going on, an there is a tiny part of me that has finally gotten a little homesick. It is still so much going on at the moment and I definitely think everything happens for a reason and exactly as it should despite what people may think. I encourage each of you to spend a day being aware of the things you say to yourself. It may come as a surprise how much you stand in your own way and beat yourself up more than you should. Sending good vibes everyones way and thank you so much for continuing to take time out of your day to spend a little time on my piece of the internet.



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