06 – 05 – 2020

Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

The Lunar Eclipse is TONIGHT and I am too geeked!!! The more I research this stuff, the more I love it, and it has grown even more interesting to me, for the fact that it was a subject that was considered so taboo when I was growing up. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes in between Moon and Sun. It causes the Moon to move into the shadow of Earth causing it to appear darkened. This particular eclipse is called the “strawberry moon” and I should be able to witness it from the Carribbean tonight. My toxic trait that I love, and will never stop doing, is asking people what their zodiac signs are and categorizing them accordingly. The more I do it, the funnier it has become to me because it is surprisingly accurate. Most of my favorites are water signs (Cancer’s Scorpio’s or Pieces) but as an Aquarius moon/rising, I have finally started looking into all of it more since I did my birth chart. So many things are affected by the sun and moon and I truly believe that people are as well.

My aunt has used the farmers almanac for years to track the phases of the moon in order to cut my hair and to plant crops. I am a person that truly believes if I can wrap my head around reading a book that talks about a man being able to turn water into wine, and walk on water, I can believe that the sun and moon can effect me in a profound way. Usually, people start off as open minded children and are morphed by their surroundings into close minded adults. To a certain extent, people do seem to get stuck in their ways as they age, so I am determined to reverse that habit on myself. The older I get, the more I embrace my child like tendencies that I strayed away from in an attempt to be a “responsible adult”. I have learned that following the rules and doing things “the right way” is so overrated. Through this pandemic, I have been doing whatever I feel is best, and it is working out so much better for me. The way kids have no inhibitions and are so open minded is a concept adults should embrace more frequently in my opinion. I believe that everything is about balance, so taking care of all the things I need to get done as a responsible adult, then having all of the fun I would as a carefree kid is my new wave. I always loved the moon and researching it further has emerged me into a whole new world with a new perspective as far as using astrology to maneuver certain parts of my life. I have always said that life is short, but it is the longest thing we will ever do so live every day like it’s your last and you will never live a life with regrets. There is so much going on these days, but finding the happy moments that make it worth the madness are more important than ever. Stay saucy my friends and I will see y’all tomorrow.



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