06 – 03 – 2020

I have been having even more lengthy, deep conversations with my favorite people and it is definitely one of the things I have loved the most about the pandemic! Due to the nature of my job, small talk comes with the job description but it is one of my least favorite things to do. I love deep, intelligent, conversations that make you reconsider things. New outlooks, new perspectives, and unlearning bad habits has been an ongoing theme for me during the pandemic. This chaos has forced a lot of peoples hands, and as somebody who always has a backup plan, I have gotten more creative than ever. So many changes are happening in the world right now and I can’t even keep up with the rate of drastic changes at the moment… I personally LOVE change, but mentally accepting that the America I left behind in March will be nothing like the one I come back to is still so wild to me. All of the protests have really lit a fire underneath so many and the whole world is morphing into something new. There is no much negativity right now but major changes always come with major controversy. Listening to Auntie talk about the changes that were sparked throughout her generation have made it clear how much history really does repeat itself when I compare it to my generation. As a proud and slightly spoiled millennial, this pandemic has made me appreciate so many minor things I took for granted. Growing up in the country has come full circle for me and I really can thank my family for keeping me well rounded. Modern technology has truly changed the game and I still shake my head and laugh at thinking there was a time I had to unplug the house phone just to access to internet. Now fast forward to 2020 I am early ever an arms reach away from my smart phone and I reflect all the time about the good an bad things of having so much access. Anything can be researched online with the push of a button and even thought I grew up having to go to the library, the convenience of Google is extraordinary. With the pandemic it has its good and bad sides but I truly do believe there is still more good in the world if you know where to look.



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