05 – 29/30/31/1 – 2020

Watching the riots the last few days has grown even more difficult. For every peaceful protest out there, it seems as if there are twice as many instances of violence and appalling things popping up. There are people that are encouraging violence and those encouraging peace. There are those that would have been like Malcom X an those that would have been like Martin Luther King Jr. People are rioting, looting, and tearing America apart, and I can’t believe the way this is unfolding. I trusted my intuition an came to an island to get away from the madness an with the way things are headed… I am not leaving! The things I have seen on social media in the last 4 days, and the stories from people I know personally have solidified the things I feel deep down in my heart. This is a hot mess, and it has gotten so blurry as far as determining who is wrong or right and telling them how to express their pain at this point. 2020 has taken the cake for the plot twists I don’t think anybody saw coming. I feel like I am watching a movie for real because I cannot be there personally to add fuel to the fire or help put it out. The pandemic has forced me to stay neutral by default so I donated money for everything going on in Minnesota. When I finally do get back to the United States, I am not even sure that it will be a place I recognize anymore but I guess I will just have to wait an see….



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