05 – 28 – 2020

I have started watching “Dynasty” on Netflix and I am so amused…. I absolutely loved Gossip Girl as a high schooler and this is the next best thing with how I feel! I have been on the phone off and on with my family all day and it has been so crazy talking about everything that is going on. I am so upset about this entire George Lloyd situation an how people think that black people are “overreacting” with everything going on… I AM SICK & TIRED of black people being killed left an right and it not being taken to the level that it should be. I am frustrated, tired, upset, and embarrassed to be from America right now. How do you live with yourself killing people in broad daylight….? HOW?? Karma is so real, and it’s almost comical that people want “peaceful protests” right now… NOPE not me, I am completely over it because clearly “being nice” is NOT the answer!! The answer is no longer keeping the peace for me… the answer is doing exactly what I have seen which is keeping it equal! I am no longer “peaceful” I AM ANGRY!



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