05 – 24/25/26/27 – 2020

I haven’t posted in the last 4 days and it has been blissful because anytime I give myself some space from socializing it always brings me more clarity. The world is going nuts right now and it is appauling to see day by day. The George Floyd murder is heavy on my heart and it’s been a weird time to live through this terrible pandemic in such a peaceful place. Everyone I love is in America and I am in the middle of the ocean avoiding all the unnecessary drama as much as I can. I keep going back an forth between attempting to keep up with everything going in in my country, and avoiding hearing anything for awhile because of how saddening it is. People are showing their true colors in all of the chaos and it’s very interesting to observe from a distance. Now more than ever people should be more understanding an compassionate, and there are individuals who are letting their racism, sexism, and ignorant ways be known in very bold ways. I always keep mental notes on everything and everyone I come into contact with. Throughout my life, there have been an insane number of small details I forget in the moment but remember down the line. Through this pandemic, I have had lots of time to compartmentalize an dissect things on a new level and it has given me so much peace. The older I get, the more that is all I want. Focusing on being stable, healthy, peacefully, and taking care of the amazing individuals that I am so fortunate to surround myself is so important now more than ever. I know the media has been tough to watch with all the negativity, but my prayer is that anybody reading this speaks up and lives in their truth whatever that may be. Everybody has different perspectives and outlooks on life but peaceful people attract peaceful people, and in the last 2 months I have truly tapped into this new peaceful life that is full of prosperity and manifestation. Things always happen as they should, even if you don’t see the bigger picture in the moment, and the more I let go and let things be the more I see this. Wherever you are in the world, I want to send some good vibes and positivity your way and I hope and pray for y’all. Be Blessed.



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