05 – 22 – 2020

I just wanna start off by saying that today will forever be a day that I look back and laugh on… I have first-degree burns on my right hand, so I am having to use the audio record feature on my cell phone to put this blog post up. The determination is definitely real right now and I can’t believe how bad my hand still hurts 😩 but sticking it out. Today definitely goes on the books as far as random is concerned but I’ll start with my morning. I woke up and did my usual routine of making tea, meditating, straightening up a few things in my place then making breakfast. I got my first workout in for the day and came back to start on lunch. I have been seeing a trend of making simple recipes with five ingredients or less, so I thought I would give it a go. Chicken is always my go to meal to make in the oven because it’s so easy to do, but this is when this heated up….. if you will. 🔥✨

I am an American citizen that has been living in Barbados and adjusting to the island life the past 2.5 months. Gas stoves are not foreign to me, however, I’m used to electric an have had to adjust to making groceries here. I figured out how to use the eyes of the stove properly thanks to Stefan an google, but the pilot light on the inside was a different story and I found that out the hard way today. I had turned the gas on and lit it with no problem but turned the knob too far an it clicked back off. I set a timer in order to remind me when the oven was done preheating because I had a movie on on Netflix. For whatever reason instead of realizing my mistake I went to light it again… keep in mind this meant that the gas was running for almost 20 minutes. The smell of onions was so strong in the kitchen an my eyes were watering so that plus having the window open make the smell of gas faint and I didn’t hear it hissing with my music playing. My ONLY saving grace actually was the fact I keep the window open where the kitchen is because it’s in a completely separate room closed off from the rest of the house and always hesitantly light it with a long lighter. The second the flame hit there was an explosion and the fire alarm started going off. I swear my reflexes are phenomenal from being a flight attendant because I jumped back so fast before anything could hit me.

All of the eyes came off and things I had on the counter went everywhere! After I let all the doors and windows open, so it would air out quickly, and cut the power, I stood there in shock for a second because my hand was hurting so bad and I was shaking. All the hair on my right hand to the middle of my arm was singed off so I took a cold shower to help with the pain. Cool water felt amazing running on it but lukewarm water felt like needles. Luckily, in Barbados, there is no short supply of aloe plants. They literally just grow on the side of the road in some places so I had some on deck and after soaking my hand in water in the sink applied that all over my hand, wrist, and arm. I took 2 ibuprofens, washed the aloe vera off, then curled in a ball and rubbed on my hand as much as the pain would allow. It’s been all day and it still hurts, but it’s not nearly as bad so I’ve been using my left hand as much as possible. I’ll wait till tomorrow to show the chicken recipe I almost lost a hand for, but to be fair, it actually turned out delicious so in the end I wasn’t as upset just happy to not have burned down the house and kept all my body parts in tact. Another day, another lesson learned and I will never make that mistake again!



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