05 – 20/21 -2020

I started my workout journey on 05-20-20 and even though it’s only day 2… I am so sore it’s no joke! Starting off high intensity training, but not warming my body up correctly, was the harsh reality check I needed to get back on it heavy. As crazy as it sounds, when I ran track in high school, I actually loved the feeling of pushing through a workout with sore muscles. There is something therapeutic about it to me because it hurts, but feels good at the same time. I feel like it’s my body’s way of telling me “I am upset with you for being so lazy Ashley so I am not going to make this easy for you”. I know that anything worth having is worth waiting for, and the results I want are drastic but achievable. You only get 1 body, and I think it is extremely important to take care of it to the best of your ability. Unlearning some of the bad habits I have and replacing them with good ones has been my ongoing mission during the pandemic. I think I was able to relocate to the perfect place to get away from any distractions and focus on what I needed to do moving forward. It is still springtime, but the hot girl summer of 2020 is quickly approaching and I need to be ready. I know having to do this but factor in social distancing and the quarantine life makes it a little more difficult, but nobody will be getting in the way of my goals this time around and I am always up for a new challenge. I think that my social media platforms are a bit over saturated with workout tips because I follow so many highly motivated individuals. I love logging into all of them and seeing what others are up to because it is usually the push I need to continue and not put it off like I would have in the past. Meal prepping, walking everywhere, and surrounding myself with nothing but constant reminders of what I want has been the boost I needed. I really hope that a month from today I will look back and smile knowing I finally stopped putting it off an starting putting in the work. All good things don’t come to those who wait they come to those that get out there and get it done! In 2020, I am done putting things on the back burner when it comes to my health and well being and finally GETTING IT DONE!



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