05 – 16/17/18/19 – 2020

There is something about pushing yourself to a new level that is nerve wracking and amazing. I wanted to put up more content, and I have been doing just that despite all of the crazy Quarantine vibes. At this point it has become pure fun and my form of socializing. I know there are people itching to get back outside, but I am not one of them. The concept of social distancing is something I totally agree with already so I hope people will keep it going. I love my personal space and time alone so this is ideal. Social media is such a great way to socialize to me, because it allows you to stay within your comfort zone. I have had too many instances where I have gone out and people abruptly entered my bubble unannounced and it was not welcomed. Personal space and consent is something that should be widely accepted, and working in a field where it is constantly interrupted can be draining. I know myself well enough to know what I will and won’t allow so ideally with the way things are going it is something I will continue to practice even after #Covid-19 is under control. The amount of TikToks, IG posts, tweets, and blog post will continue to rise an we figure out the new wave of technology and I am ready for this new chapter. I have started my new workout regimen and did my first aura cleanse so the blog got put on the back burner but y’all know I am never too far from my trust laptop. See you tomorrow but in the meantime checkout my Instagram for a few surprises!!



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