05 – 14 – 2020

I am attempting to use my blog as more of an online diary to document my day to day moods during #Covid-19 and so far so good. Venus is in retrograde and I know that history is literally being re molded right now but it is so crazy to be living through all of this because of the way I move around normally. I truly believe that my job is going to be completely re vamped after this virus but have no idea how. I have never been the type of person to put all of my eggs in one basket but this has definitely thrown me for a loop in an unexpected way…. The way social media is headed an figuring out all of these new algorithms has been interesting, but I do plan on sticking with my daily laptop club and taking this 1 day at a time. I have developed so many new skills and definitely want to come out appreciating and celebrating things more. I rambled on a little about financial freedoms so if you’re bored click the link below. I have opened up all of my social media platforms so check them out because the content I post on each varies. Y’all be blessed!

My Newest Video <– Click this link to go to my latest video or type in The Pretty Passenger on Youtube!



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