05 – 13 – 2020


I have been in Barbados for 2 months now and I am loving every second of it! Being in the Caribbean during COVID-19 has been a completely different experience than it would have been had I stayed in Louisiana or Texas, but I miss the gang dearly and wish I could have brought them all here. I haven’t had coffee, driven a vehicle, baked, bought anything on Amazon, or gone shopping for anything other than groceries an necessities this whole time and my bank account is rejoicing. Since it’s Pretty Wednesday I haven’t gotten up to much other than binging Vikings so I thought I would share a few iPhone picts. Even though I have been vlogging for years, I really don’t document my travels to the full extent because I get so caught up in enjoying the moment. With this pandemic readjusting my thought process as well as my creative process I want to get better about it since I have so much time to enjoy so much more. Quarantine content has been so interesting to document but this movie that is 2020 is one for the books.



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