05 – 12 – 2020

#TPPP aka The Pretty Passenger’s Pups is todays topic of discussion! If there is one thing I love to go on an on unnecessarily about it is my love for animals. Growing up, I have always had German Shepherds and would consider them to one of my favorite breeds. I am a fur mom to 3 babies and here is a little about each of them.

Benjamin [Benji] Tanner Banks

Daisy Banks

Sebastian [Beau] Banks

I have had all of my fur babies since they were puppies and it has been very interesting to see their personalities grow and transform into what they are today. This is the longest I have gone without seeing them and I miss them dearly, but Auntie has been keeping them all very busy during this pandemic. They have their own Instagram account so feel free to follow them @ThePrettyPassengersPups



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