…I have finally come to the conclusion that working as a flight attendant has made me slightly OCD and selective about so many things. I just spent about an hour reorganizing the links to all of my social media account, changing my Instagram bio for the thousandth time, scrolling through Twitter (which is the best way to waste time)…. freaking out a little bit at the fact that Black Mirror officially has new episodes, even though it’s only three…. changing my lists on Amazon, looking through my family’s facebook posts, answering Youtube comments, and deleting emails. In 2019 this is the social media cycle on repeat but I love laptop club just as much as the next Youtuber. I have never had a problem being able to re organize, and I think people that pay attention to details are the best sort of individuals. I am leaning toward not using my blog as a diary where I type whatever, and more so as a place to upload all the photographs I plan on taking of my travels that don’t belong on Instagram. The control freak in me isn’t happy with the layout of my profile, so ideally I would like to figure out how to code my page and get it where I want it. This post is me putting my thoughts online, but I need to spend some time getting inspired by some of my favorite influencers and then get back to it. I hope everybody is having a good re set since it is officially the halfway point of 2019. This year has made my realize just how OCD I can be about things and accept that it isn’t a bad thing to just go with the flow even when it doesn’t seem right. I am still amazed that so many people from all over read me rambling but I see y’all and I appreciate it.



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