January 2K19 was such a crazy year but glad that’s over 😜! It’s black history month and I’m taking a nice little break from flying and being on the east coast where it snows out of the blue. Complaining about the weather has almost become a hobby of mine, and while it’s counterproductive, it’s something I know I will continue to do any time the temperature is below 60 degrees πŸ₯Ά. I have 2 major vacations in the making for March, and I’m excited about it because I don’t use my non rev benefits like I should. Mini vacations are the best in my book, however I did say I would attempt to plan more major ones that are out of my comfort zone this year. So far I’m still sticking to all of my resolutions and right on track with staying consistent this year. I still think back to how inspiring I found ‘Fun For Louis’ vlogs and how he managed to travel so much and be so present in the moment yet share so much of his journey. I love that and plan on doing that more this year.



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