The Government Shutdown

The Ashley Banks Avatar

Working in aviation has made me realize things I never cared about in the past now directly effect my life as a flight attendant. I never bothered to check the weather in advance before… now I have weather apps that get just as much use as my social media ones do. I have learned so many little things I didn’t feel were that important now effect my livelihood. I think that it is all apart of growing up and attempting to do this “adulting” thing correctly. College definitely did not prepare me for the real world, but I am proud of myself for figuring it out one day at a time.

The airlines are losing so much money from this shutdown and it has had a terrible impact on traveling at the moment, but I am so proud of our union, the air traffic controllers in LGA, all those who called the White House asking for it to be reopened, everyone that used their voice to do something about what is going on. It will stay open until February 15th and I really hope they come to a solution that does not mean 800,000 won’t be receiving paychecks again.


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