….I’m on standby 😶

& that basically means I have to go to the airport to nap for 6 hours in base now… but I have been quite productive on this particular assignment…

I made my way through all my company emails and now my work, personal, and business email accounts are all clear. I developed a bit of an OCD with emails from working at State Farm so it feels really good to have cleared out all of them. I’v edited a new vlog and have blog posts scheduling for 2 weeks in advance, I set up an appointment with my new dentist and to get my lashes re done… I have reorganized my phone and my move and stand goals are moving right along on my Apple Watch. Consistency is the goal for this year and it will be achieved. I like taking things 1 day at a time and having a planner and writing everything down really helps me stay motivated. When I received my stby I was originally annoyed but now I’m glad I did because I got a lot of things done. I still have 3 hours to go and I’m debating on finishing Gypsy then starting my new book or vice versa…. This stby was just what I needed so in spite of the early report it’s not so bad after all…



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