Morning Flight

As I listen to the gentle hum of the engines that have launched me into a misty morning sky…. my passengers drift into a dreamy haze calmed by the noise and happily headed back to sleep in my quiet dark cabin…. I think to myself this is a perfect morning in the office.

My “office” is currently floating through the air at 36,000 (ish) feet and the captain has told us to stay seated because it’s going to be a bumpy climb… I smile to myself and sip my hot chocolate while gazing out of my peephole into the dark clouds and wonder if I should warm up my chorizo egg and cheese burrito now….. or later…I suppose later.. It’s satisfying to sit here and think that this is the hardest decision I have to make during the course of my day and that I’m up before the sun has made an appearance on this corner of the globe…

It’s a peaceful morning and everyone is sleeping. Nothing beats that at work. We’re flying through a storm and the rocking of the plane combined with the hum of flying and a dark cozy cabin has knocked out my lovely passengers. Some are snoring, others tucked into their middle seat, heads bobbing, neck pillows wrapped around for support each attempting to get a little shut eye before they catch a connecting flight….

The coffee is brewing, the orange juice is ready to be poured and the mimosas are waiting for the ones celebrating early…. the cart goes up the isle an back down without any fuss and they drift back into the abyss…

I’m satisfied knowing they all make it to their destinations safely and peacefully on my watch and now it’s time for the next leg…. this is my morning flight



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