…it has been months since I’v typed a blog post or even picked up my vlogging camera & my laptop has been deserted and collecting dust in the closet of my place in DC….& honestly I have loved every second of our time apart….

I won’t go on a long fake inspirational rant about how I was taking a social media break to reset or stay away from all the bad energy because it was completely spur of the moment and just because I felt like binge watching Netflix and eating pizza nonstop πŸ™ƒπŸ•….(I tend to do that…a lot)

It’s a new year which means new resolutions, new goals, new perspectives, new beginnings but more importantly new passport stamps! I basically spent the last few months of last year hibernating with my fiancΓ© and fur babies and I feel rejuvenated and want more than ever to travel more. I know it seems crazy because I travel for a living but I really fell it love with it all over again out of the blue. It’s a very satisfying feeling to love what I do entirely and feel so content and complete with my little life. Despite how unglamorous my lifestyle can be at times… through all the jet lag and late night calls from scheduling…. waiting for the crew van and stuffing my face in a hurry before it’s showtime and boarding begins… I love what I do and I do it well and 2019 is going to be a fantastic year.



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