Commuting Essentials

  • I have been a commuter for years now and this is my little list of essentials. πŸŽ’
    • Headphones 🎧 <– [most important]
    • A book (or 2) πŸ“š
    • Jacket πŸ§₯
    • Sleepwear πŸ₯‹
    • Sunglasses πŸ•Ά
    • Blanket πŸ”₯
    • Lotion & Moisturizer πŸ§–πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ
    • Comfy Shoes πŸ‘Ÿ
    • Water πŸ’§
    • Snacks πŸ₯ͺ
    • Wallet & $$$ πŸ’΅
    • Electronics πŸ“±
    • Backup Chargers πŸ”‹
  • No matter where I’m going if it’s to work or on a personal trip I always have the items I listed above with me. Flying is so unpredictable and honestly that’s what I love about it, but you never know what will happen so being prepared for anything is important. Being a commuter is a full time job in an of itself but it’s a lifestyle I will never escape. There is a certain etiquette you become accustomed to when you travel for a living, but throwing in a pillow and anything you personally need for added comfort is always a good idea. I always pack my bag as lightweight as possible to make commuting less stressful but I don’t go anywhere without my laptop, a few downloaded Netflix movies or tv shows and a backup charger. As someone who’s bags are always packed it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected so these are the things I would consider a necessity if you travel.
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