My two absolute favorite celebrities are both going to be on the September cover of Vogue next month and I am thrilled! Beyoncé and Rihanna are both iconic for so many reasons that are self explanatory but seeing each of them on VOUGE September cover is legendary. I definitely plan on making a pit stop in Los Angeles to pick up copies to put in the house once they are available to the public. I remember being in middle school and flipping through magazines with Hunter and saying we couldn’t wait to be older so we could buy designer items we saw on the spreads in the magazines. It’s so funny how outrageous our dreams were from an early age and we have both come fairly close to accomplishing these crazy dreams in real life. He dreamed of traveling an taking pictures while I dreamed of traveling and recording videos. We didn’t end up taking the route we thought we would as far as how to accomplish that but we have gotten close enough considering our age. When America’s Next Top Model premiered, I was so obsessed with reading Vogue and practicing posing for the runway. I even went as far as signing up for modeling classes through a talent agency, which is why I fell in love with high heels at such a young age and learned how to walk in them with ease. Vogue taught me a lot of little things about the fashion industry but I remember always focusing on the price of things. To this day, I am still in awe at the price of the gorgeous fur coats and lambskin bags I drool over. I have seen a page out of vogue that could pay off my student loans if I could cash in on the beautiful pieces carefully displayed on the page. For now, I will patiently wait for Beyoncé and Rihanna’s issue to debut so I can pick up a few copies and continue our tradition of flipping through and looking at the pictures. I still aspire to own some of the YSL and Gucci pieces out of Vogue and one day I’ll make those dreams a reality.



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