I have consistently been doing the #30DayYogaChallange for almost 2 weeks now and it has been the best thing for me. I have never had a problem setting a goal and achieving it if it’s really something I wanted. Being consistent with yoga has been a lot more productive for me now then it was in the past when I was doing it sporadically. I spend anywhere from 15-40 minutes out of each day totally dedicated and focused on the practice and I love it! Each time I push myself a little more but the gradual build up has gotten me further than how I was approaching it in the past. Yoga is literally an escape from me. I use to have so much trouble blocking everything out to concentrate and focus but now it comes so easily. The mind is a powerful tool and the peace of mind I get after a session is unmatched. I started out wanting to do yoga to increase my flexibility and balance but now it has become more of a mental exercise than anything else. If anyone is looking for a good way to ease into the practice I recommend searching for a class on YouTube and following along for free. Being able to attend a class is nice but I actually prefer doing yoga alone because I find it easier to concentrate an focus when I’m by myself. Currently on a layover about to head to the gym and get this next little session in. Namaste.



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