The Worst Feeling

Never in my life have I felt as helpless as I did a few weeks ago….. While I was at home Auntie called to tell me Benji and Daisy has escaped while she was doing yard work and she couldn’t find them anywhere. We keep them on a leash and harness even around the house when we take them outside of the fenced in portion of our yard and are even more precautious with them because of what happened to Komso. Daisy came back a few hours later but Benjamin was nowhere to be found…. The next day I headed back to Auntie’s house and he still hadn’t turned up and then a started to panic. That feeling of thinking he could be out in the woods somewhere lost, maybe something had gotten him, thinking he could be hurt, and playing out these different scenarios in my head crossed my mind as I cried on the drive back home. I always have been a dog person and since middle school I have always had a pet in the house. Missy was my first German Shepherd I got in middle school and passed away when I was in college due to health complications. Komso came a month later because I hated the thought of Auntie not having something to keep her occupied since I was still away in college at the time. Benjamin was suppose to be Christophers dog but we loved him so much after letting him stay with us to get potty trained we made a trip back to get his brother Duke so each of us could have a sibling. I think having 2 dogs is perfect because that way they have each other when you aren’t around but it’s still manageable to take care of them both. That was suppose to be it but then Daisy and Lady were unexpected rescues that ended up getting accepted into our ever growing fur family….. Fast forward to now and we have a total of 7 fur babies between me, Chris, his parents, and Auntie.

I spent the evening searching in the woods with no luck, then the next day driving around looking and still no signs of him. It was the most hopeless feeling because even though there was nothing that really could have been done differently and I wasn’t even there when it happened I felt like it was my fault. Chris came down Day after day to help look because I had to leave an go back to work and him an Auntie still didn’t have any luck. Finally, somebody had seen one of the posts made about him and it turns out they had been keeping him the entire time. That feeling of relief was beyond amazing and over course of the next few days I have off I’m going to go overboard an have new dogs tags made and get trackers put on all there collars. I am so attached to my pets and they have their own unique personalities so I was so happy that somebody had been taking care of him and am forever grateful because he wouldn’t have made it on his own. I call my pets my children all the time but that situation made me so much more sympathetic to people that have had loved ones and pets go missing. The feeling of uncertainty and not knowing what has happened is different then coming to terms with bad news. I love and spoil my animals so much and this just made me appreciate them even more. I’m so appreciative of that family for taking care of my baby and now I feel obligated to do the same if I ever find a stray. I’m so glad social media has turned into what it has and that 1 simple post allowed me to be reunited with my pet.



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