Ctrl + Alt + Delete

I have FINALLY reorganized my laptop and I feel like a new person. I went through a lot of the old footage that I had uploaded and I just didn’t like how most of it turned out so I have deleted it all and plan on starting over re filming new things. I have noticed a patten I have of starting a vlog and not finishing it so I want to get better about being more conclusive when I film vlog style videos. The amount of footage I have on random SD cards is overwhelming and there are so many things I have recorded that will never see the light of day or be uploaded. I really do enjoy watching back moments of my life and I am excited to film more around our home once its done. I have an idea in my head of what I would like my Youtube channel to look like by the end of the year so I plan on actively working toward that this fall. I have been watching my favorite Youtuber’s and binge watching Netflix to re motivate myself to put up better quality content. I hope y’all are as excited as I am for the upcoming videos and projects I plan on working on. I just formatted my SD card and have some exciting trips coming up the month of August so looking forward to trying new things out in the vlogs starting with Episode 3.



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