Wake Up It’s The 1st of the Month…

My 2 favorite places to write these blog posts are on a trip and at home. If I’m home…. I’m usually outside watching my dogs and in one of my favorite spots at the house curled up with a cup of french vanilla creamer (with a little coffee added)…. & If I’m on a trip I have managed to find a semi quiet and semi empty spot in the terminal or am in the comfort of my home away from home at the hotel. When I first decided to start this blog I thought I would worry about the spelling and grammar or the layout of how I wanted each post and now that I plan on using this at a place to vent…I have decided I won’t worry about any of that for now. There will be LOTS of run on sentences because I ramble in real life and that carries over when I type… I also am a huge fan of (dot dot dot)…… :] This blog post was just a little warning that the ones to come will be so all over the place and on the first of the month I always feel so much more focused and back on the right track so I still am not going to bother with a scheduled upload on here yet but lots of new post coming soon.

If my favorite high school teacher ever happens to see this… Thank you Mrs. Rickets! English was never my favorite subject but the way you taught made me appreciate it because you made learning fun. Yes you were hard on us and I think that senior paper almost killed a few of us, but I had so much fun in your class and the Lord of the Rings  holds a very near and dear spot in my heart.



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