…I haven’t updated this site in ages so let me fill you in on a few things that have happened…

  1. I attended #BEYCHELLA & Beyoncè made eyes contact with me…….it changed my life y’all [ was less than 20 feet away from Rihanna, Chanel Iman, The Kardashians, & so many of my favorite Youtubers and Influencers it was OVERWHELMING yet so inspiring.
  2. I got a new iPhone and STILL haven’t taken a single pic in portrait mode
  3. The flip up screen on my vlog camera broke…. :[
  4. I’m now a fur mom to 2 cats & 4 dogs
  5. I witnesses my 1st water salute & worked a flight were we brought home a fallen soldier
  6. I deleted my Snapchat (again) I tried to get back into it but…..mehhh
  7. I caught the bouquet at my cousins wedding but still haven’t started planned my own wedding….

There are a thousand things I could add to this list, but the summer has just gotten started and it has already been so crazy! I always try to fly low time in the summer because with all the drama that has been taking place at the airports, it’s nice to be home enjoying life with my favorites. I have been pulled in so many directions but now it’s time for me to really focus on turning our house into a home and planning a wedding and I am super excited to add this to my never ending list of things to do. A few people have asked me what the phrase {SO PRETTY} means when I use it on videos or social media and I thought it was fitting since my Youtube channel is called “The Pretty Passenger”. It’s basically me being sarcastic about whatever situation I am currently explaining and equivalent to “well that’s just great” in a situation that may not be that great. I have been working on getting much more focused on what I dedicate my time to and I have figured out a system for July so I can be more consistent across my social media platforms while focusing a lot more on my family because they will forever come first.

I am so excited to say we are now up to 49 different countries that come by and read this blog and as an avid reader it makes my heart smile to know these words can be read all over the world! I thought this audience deserved to be the first to know I am working on starting my own podcast and featuring a broader spectrum for my audience. I really enjoyed doing livestreams and this would be more intimate way to do that but without having to worry about looking [SO PRETTY] on camera…. Thank you again for all the continued love and support and looking forward to the future.



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