October Is Here!

The Ashley Banks Avatar

It’s the 1st of the month so I will be posting daily blog posts for the next two weeks. I really do love when a new month starts and the last few have been so crazy so I’m interested to see how the month of October goes. I have a lot of main channel videos ideas and I’m officially starting a couples channel with my boyfriend so that should be interesting. I feel like that is going to be an interesting commitment but we shall see how it goes. I have been pretty mia in comparison to usual but all will be explained very soon. Thank you to everyone for being so patient still and supporting me through everything. Lots of exciting videos coming soon!


You should be able to click –> Couple’s Channel to subscribe to our new channel and once we hit 100 subscribers I believe I’ll be able to change the name and update everything to look more professional. Our 1st video will go up on the 7th and we will post every Thursday at 6pm!

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