Big Brother

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It’s getting down to the last few episodes of Big Brother, and I am shocked at how this season has turned out. I tried to pinpoint when I began watching this show, but for the life of me I can not remember. It is basically one of the few television shows that I consistently watch as it airs. House guests are brought into the house for a certain number of weeks and have to compete each week to see who gets the half a million dollars at the end of the season. I have always loved game shows, but this isn’t your typical game show. Not only are the house guests literally locked in a house for months out of the summer without technology, they have to form alliances, and play a good social and or physical game in order to win. I am always so shocked at how each season plays out. The thing that makes it all so interesting to me, is seeing all of the behind the scenes things that occur that the house guests don’t know about. There are physical and mental competitions and each week you never know what will happen. The motto is “expect the unexpected” and they throw all sorts of twists and prizes randomly throughout the show. This season they put a veteran, or vet , who has already competed in a previous season in the game and he is absolutely running everything that happens in the house. It has been so crazy to see how he has managed to manipulate and align himself with all the right people to put himself in a position to go to the end. Everyone in the house thinks he genuinely has their back. At the end of the day it is a game and everybody wants to win the money. The twist, that to an extent evens out the game, is that the people you vote out each week after a certain point in the game, are the people who get to vote for the final two and decide who winds the half a million dollars. Some people play really bad social games, or float to the end, or upset people so much that even though they managed to make it all the way to final two, still don’t receive the prize because of the vote. All the people I was rooting for managed to get steamrolled by Paul so at this point I don’t really have a preference of who wins the money. I think Alex has played a great game, but I think the lost her mojo after her partner in crime was unexpectedly voted out, and she trusts Paul too much. I never thought Josh would be the one to finally see what has been going on, but I would root for him winning the money over Christmas. I also love that Kevin has managed to make it this far in the game doing absolutely nothing. I would hate for Alex to go home over him, but tonight we shall see how things play out. I can’t wait to watch the winter celebrity version of Big Brother and am ready to see who the cast is. My first summer in college me and my roommate Sydney spent a crazy amount of time on YouTube watching old seasons of Big Brother. We always said eventually we would try out for the show. I can’t imagine actually trying out for Big Brother but hey ya never know. I am so ready to see who wins the money and if Paul manages to get to the end of the game without going on the block. I could type up all kinds of strategies and observations on how I would play the game, but it is time for a new episode so time to tune in!


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