My Fur Babies

Today is officially the third birthday of two of my very own fur babies. I have always had a love for animals and can’t imagine not having pets. I have had some kind of pet ever since I can remember and always held each of them near an dear to my heart. At the moment, I have Kosmo, Duke, Benjamin, and Daisy. Kosmo was named after my favorite character from Seinfeld and I changed his name to start with Β a “K” instead of “C” because of the sorority I’m in. Benjamin and Duke are brothers and my September 11th babies. Benjamin or Benji for short was named after Benjamin Franklin whose face I love to see on crisp one hundred dollar bill. I didn’t name his brother Duke, but I’m pretty sure he’s named after the golden retriever from the baked beans commercial because the guy who named him isn’t the best at coming up with names. Daisy was named after my favorite Marc Jacobs perfume and her sister (who doesn’t belong to me) is named Lady. I feel attached to each of these dogs and love each of them for different reasons. Dogs really do have personalities of their own and it has been amazing to see each of them grow from little puppies into adults. Dogs are so loyal and the excitement they have to see you everyday is unmatched. I love my fur babies and truly consider them to be family. People that don’t have pets can be so critical of those that do and I always find it so amusing. When people ask me if I have kids, I always answer yes then proceed to show them pictures of my dogs. They are my children and I feel extremely protective of each of them. I am constantly battling my puppy fever and want to keep every dog I come across. I always joke with Auntie about starting a puppy farm and raising German Shepherds on our land and one of these days I just might do it. I have a fur baby staring at me as I type this, so time to take him for a walk.



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