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More than ever before, I feel like the featured image applies to me. Growing up, I can’t even remember all the activities I have been involved in throughout the years. I reflect back on those days now and know that I needed to stay so busy because my attention span is very short. I get bored quickly and hate feeling like I’m wasting my time. Unlike most people, I think resting is a very good way to spend your time so I never count sleeping as a waste. I think because I have so much going on it is perceived as being extremely social. I love being around people close to me but, I find it very hard to allow new people to come into my life. That is what I mean when I say I’m selectively social. I like meeting new people, especially subscribers who are so sweet and supportive, but I still find it a little alarming sometimes. I think when you put pieces of your life on social media there is always this negative connotation that comes with it by default. People perceive you to be one way or remain a certain way because of what they see on the internet. I completely understand the concept but I don’t agree with it. I am not always this happy go lucky person with a great aspect on life. I have really bad days all the time. I obviously don’t usually discuss the bad as much because I’m in no mood to be social during those times or talk to anybody really. There are very few people that see that side of me outside of family and close friends but it definitely happens. Things that go on in the world upset me all the time but, I have learned to be frustrated with the situation, not the person. I constantly force myself to go out of my comfort zone and be social with strangers and it is still a challenge sometimes. Social media has definitely helped me with that because I get to do my own thing, on my own time, share it, and interact with so many amazing people when I’m ready to. I think it comes as a surprise to people that I’m selectively social but now you know. I believe every person you come into contact with deserves a certain level of respect regardless, and even though it seems to be a lost cause with some I do believe in being hospitable to a certain extent. Karma is definitely real! I believe in giving the same effort I receive from others, and if a problem arises, I just remove myself from the situation and go on with my life. Being selectively social makes my life a lot less stressful ,and the Scorpio in me knows that this is the best way to be.


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  1. Leroy Stone

    Ashley, I know you don’t know me. I am only a person who subscribes to your you-tube channel. And I was drawn in by your personality. You share so much. And of course you’re not going to share everything…no one should, since really….social media can only be taken so far without feeling striped of your dignity. And I get that. But my heart still goes out to you. I get it that you’re not going to be sunshine and roses every day. And I believe any intelligent person would understand that. Not sure what I’m trying to say here. And maybe it’s enough…just to let you know….that I do understand. There is a loneliness side to social media. Friends are not always friends….and sometimes this is in word only. But here is something I see in you. Your courage. Your strength of Spirit. A willingness to want to see everyone on equal ground, because we are in fact all people regardless of how we look or are viewed by others who don’t get it.

    I would never be one to want to intrude on you personally. I really do have way too much respect for you to even cross that line. I just wanted to let you know that there are those of us who truly do care. And I know it will always get better. You have inspired me to want to do this thing called social media. Soon, I’ll have my own videos up on YT. Don’t worry…I’m not asking anything of you. I just so appreciate who you are and all that you were willing to share.

    Peace and Love Always – Leroy Stone

    P.S. You are free to visit my FB page… don’t have to subscribe. BTW – I write poetry…one of my talents.


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