Shine Bright Like A Diamond

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The Fenty beauty products officially released today and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t cop some of her amazing products. I watched her launch party via live stream yesterday and loved seeing her explain the products. I have always been one of those girls who shied away from makeup for the simple fact that I procrastinate. Instead of getting up early to get ready and maybe take time out to apply a little makeup, I’m scrambling to get dressed and double check I haven’t forgotten anything before I run out the door. It’s a bad habit and it has taken me so long to break it. I absolutely love her highlighters! I went ahead and splurged on those and a few other things because, in my head, all my coins are definitely worth spending on food and the people I care about. Rihanna is one of those people I care about. On the live stream, I recognized a few Youtubers and words can not describe how jealous I am of them. Imagine, filming vlogs that are so amazing it earns you a spot to an A-List celebrity launch of one of the most influential icons in todays society. That is incredible. It is definitely inspiring to see real people at these events and I’m ready to watch the reviews on the products. The display in Sephora was beautiful, and I like the packaging she designed for the line. I am no makeup guru, but I know that launching forty foundation shades for such a broad variety of skin tones and undertones is amazing. I have already started playing with the products today and I love them all so far. Makeup is suppose to be this fun thing to play with that ultimately can enhance and transform you. I’m always late to the party so it’s no surprise it took me this long to get on board, but for Rihanna….it’s only right. Time to spruce up my “Fenty Face” and enjoy this weekend.


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  1. femmerewritten

    Trophy Wife is blinding!! Check out my Fenty review? Looking forward to your future content.
    Stop by my space

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