Vampire Diaries

It’s official…. I have fallen into a black hole via Netflix and I must say it has been very entertaining. I never had cable growing up because I was one of those kids that was in so many after school and extra curricular activities I barely had time to fit anything else in. Unfortunately, that meant all the movies or tv shows that everybody has seen and are considered “classics” I probably haven’t or didn’t watch till later in life. With the exception of Christmas time, my tv collected dust, but every now and then I would watch an entire season of something I loved for days on end. I am currently binge watching Vampire Diaries and I am obsessed with the story line. I have lost count of the number of science fiction films and books I have grown attached to over the years, but you can’t beat a classic vampire story. Science fiction is definitely my favorite genre to read and watch, but the variety of movies I love are pretty random. Nothing makes me happier than when a book is published and the movie comes out and represents the authors vision vividly. I know I have pretty much fallen off the grid at the moment, but like everyone else I am rooting for Elena and Stefan right now so sorry for my absesnce.


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