Vampire Diaries

It’s official…. I have fallen into a black hole via Netflix and I must say it has been very entertaining. I never had cable growing up because I was one of those kids that was in so many after school and extra curricular activities I barely had time to fit anything else in. Unfortunately, that meant all the movies or tv shows that everybody has seen and are considered “classics” I probably haven’t or didn’t watch till later in life. With the exception of Christmas time, my tv collected dust, but every now and then I would watch an entire season of something I loved for days on end. I am currently binge watching Vampire Diaries and I am obsessed with the story line. I have lost count of the number of science fiction films and books I have grown attached to over the years, but you can’t beat a classic vampire story. Science fiction is definitely my favorite genre to read and watch, but the variety of movies I love are pretty random. Nothing makes me happier than when a book is published and the movie comes out and represents the authors vision vividly. I know I have pretty much fallen off the grid at the moment, but like everyone else I am rooting for Elena and Stefan right now so sorry for my absesnce.


One response to “Vampire Diaries”

  1. Please update on us on your channel. Your being rude to your fans.


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