The First Of The Month

The first of the month has always seemed like the perfect day to start everything over. If you are beginning a new diet, goal, habit, or just planning to do something that you normally wouldn’t… The first day of a month feels like a great day to start fresh. I definitely feel like today I started over and am back at square one. August ended on a negative note and I need September to be better. Today when I woke up I decided to give myself a fresh slate since it’s the first and today is a good day as any to start back writing (or in this case typing).

I was raised to be the bigger person and focus on the positive in a situation. This summer was definitely a reality check and has made me realize sometimes it’s better to focus on what is actually right in front of me and to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt. Trying to be positive every day and always find the good is a constant struggle and I have finally leaned that some days the negative will win. There is nothing wrong with having a bad day, month, or even year as long as it does not consume or define you. Bad days make you appreciate the good even more if you stop and really think about it. I don’t normally rush the summer away because I love me some hot weather, but fall seems much more promising. My heart goes out to everyone that was effected by Hurricane Harvey and even though I have spent my entire life in the south and should be use to all of this crazy weather that kind of devastation is still so traumatic to witness. Taking things one day at a time and hoping this month will be better.




3 responses to “The First Of The Month”

  1. Hayy Ashley and beautiful world! I dfinitely agree with making new goals on the first of the month I do it oftennn…Sticking to it though is the issue… I was also raised the same way, always look st the positive in situations and such.. Some days just sometimes aren’t rainbow and cupcakes sadly… ( I wish it was) so far my September is very INTERESTING trying to keep an open mind to a lot of the situations I’m being put into..


  2. Hi Ashley,
    We all go through stuff and we have to look deep inside to get back on track. Hold your head high, and remember that you are in control. Take it slow and keep thinking positive. Everything will be okay. We miss your presents online. We will be here waiting for you when you are ready.

    God Bless

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